Vital Apparatus Vent

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The Vital Apparatus Vent (or more simply a “cube dropper”) is the final component in the vacuum tube network that delivers testing apparatus when activated, either by buttons or automatic replenishing.

A Vital Apparatus Vent in Portal 2.
The Vital Apparatus Vent will deliver a Weighted Companion Cube in three, two, one.

In the Portal series, test subjects can shoot a portal underneath the cube dropper so that the dropped object's momentum may be used to launch it. In the event of the object delivered by the vent being destroyed in any way (incinerated, dropped in goo etc.), the vent will usually deliver a replacement. Conversely, when activated a second time the object previously delivered will be fizzled in most cases.

Vital Apparatus Vents drop the following items throughout the Portal series, always cubes:




  • In Test Chamber 6, the first time you press the button to drop a Cube, rather than the cube dropping from the Vital Apparatus Vent, various "garbage" is dropped, being two Edgeless Safety Cubes, a Defective Turret, a Radio, a DVD, and a chair.
  • In the "Early Test Intro" (a beta video showcasing an early version of wakeup), a Vital Apparatus Vent appears from the ceiling and the player goes through tubes, after that, player goes back to the bed where the intro began.