Portal 2 Music Video Contest

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Portal 2 Music Video Contest
Portal 2 Music Video Contest page.png
Website Info
URL: http://www.thinkwithportals.com/videocontest/

The Portal 2 Music Video Contest was a contest in which Valve invited users to create a music video for the song Exile Vilify by The National. The contest was announced on the 15th of June 2011, with the Blog post: The Portal 2 Music Video Contest and the contest was open for submissions until the 15th of July, 2011. Winners were announced 9th of August, 2011.


In order for submissions to be considered to enter the contest, the video had to be uploaded to YouTube and be tagged: PORTAL2NATIONALEXILE. Portal 2 team revealed that they started with 320 entries and narrowed them down to three within seven days. Five days after, they were down to the final two. With the help of The National, they chose to give the prize package to both of them but only one would get the guitar and the other recieved the Aperture Science messenger bag signed by the Portal 2 Team.


1st place

1.00000000001th place


The winners of the contest received the following:

  • An Eastwood guitar, signed by The National.1
  • An Aperture Science messenger bag2
  • A box of schwag from Valve.
    • Shirts (including bonus shirts from Jinx)
    • Posters
    • "other stuff we’ll be grabbing off co-workers desks when they’re not looking."

1=Only for the 1st place
2=Only for the 1.00000000001th place

Best submissions

The contest also recieved bunch of submissions that didn't quite qualify for the win, but still recieved a mention from the Portal 2 Team.