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Welcome to the wiki & I deleted your image <3

Hey there, thanks for signing up & contributing to the Wiki. I thought I'd just let you know I deleted the image you just uploaded, File:Companion Cube.jpg, as we already have an image of the Portal Companion Cube and your image doesn't adhere to our image guidelines - specifically, it was low-quality and in JPG format.

I presume the image was taken within HLMV, check out this page on the TF2 Wiki. See section 1.2 "Dxsupport.cfg" to set up your HLMV to render in high-quality.

Let me, or any of our staff, know if you have any questions about the wiki's guidelines or the MediaWiki software (or just reply here). - RJUser RJackson Pixelturret.png talk 14:01, 23 May 2011 (UTC)