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The Aperture Sponsored Ginger
Basic Information
Type: Programmer
Gender: Male
Age: Somewhere Between 1 and 100
Contact information
Steam Page:

I am a ginger, and not a flamer, though you could get the two mixed up. Don't mispronounce my username, the correct pronunciation is "Triss-kit-uh-bowl". Say it nice and smoothly. Rolls off the tongue. Like a combustible lemon.

About Me

I'm Triscuitable, the half Irish, half Scottish, half German ginger. (Yes, I'm 1 1/2 parts human.) I reside in a home in a small town, with my parents, as I am currently attending highschool. (Don't judge me!) I have a little sister, two cats, a dog, and I live within biking distance of Valve's main building. I plan on someday honing my skills to a point where I can bake an angel food cake for those guys, and possibly get it featured in one of their games. That's not exactly a great dream, but if I can't get a cake featured in one of their properties, then I'll somehow get hired by them. Also openly asexual. I'm above the closet's doorframe, as I like to call it. I'm not one of those guys.

The following text you just read was ripped straight from my TF2 Wiki profile, so nothing new here! ... I love Portal? That's not new either, because I have a big profile here! Aw, what the heck, stay a while and listen... err... Read the stuff I have yet to add!

I Brag About This Stuff

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