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uContact Robot Backpack Contributions
uContact Robot Backpack Contributions


I'm 259th Unofficial Portal Wiki's User.

Flag Latvia.png This user is Latvian.

ru Для этого участника русский язык является родным.

User Translator.png This user translates Portal and Portal 2 to Russian.

Portal logo.png This user owns Portal.

Portal2.png This user enjoys Portal 2.

Portal2.png This user was online at Portal 2's release.

Atlas.png This user prefers Atlas.

Wheatley spoils you.png This user reads the Portal Wiki with Spoilers on.

SpaceCore.png This user is a Space Core

RE icon.png This user has a Portal 2 backpack, which can be found here.

Official Team Fortress Wiki Icon.png This user is a member of the Official Team Fortress Wiki