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Hi! I'm a FanWing. (Wings of Fire fan) WoF (Wings of Fire) is a book series about dragons with human-like personalities by Tui T. Sutherland. The first book is called The Dragonet Prophecy. (Not to be confused with The Dragonet Prophecy, prophecy. IKR? XD ) So, um... I can only really beat Portal 2. I've tried beating Portal 1, and I got really close once, but I couldn't seem to get to the ledge above the one you portal onto in order to not get burned to death in a fire pit. (I couldn't find that portalable surface...) I usually just cheat and go to another save file where I'm already fighting GLaDOS because of that one test chamber that not even YouTube can help me figure out how to beat without messing up about a hundred times LOL.

(BTW I'm obsessed with dragons. How to Train Your Dragon started it, and Wings of Fire continued and strengthened it to the point where I pretend that I'm a dragon allot. DON'T JUDGE ME OR YOU WILL BE TAIL-SLAPPED A MILE AWAY WITH MY ANIMUS ENCHANTED TAIL THAT I ENCHANTED. I'm an animus. And I'm also royalty. //lights up all my bioluminescent scales and bioluminescent royal pattern on the underside of my giant bat-like-water-wings to their full brightness, filling the room with a light blue light//)

Queen Shore

The dragon tribes. (BeetleWings? I'm pretty sure those don't exist.)


1. MudWings

2. SandWings

3. SkyWings

4. SeaWings

5. RainWings

6. IceWings

7. NightWings


1. HiveWings

2. SilkWings

3. LeafWings