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Hello! I'm Mazab IZW (you can call me Max). I'm a Polish game developer/render maker (you can see my PotatoOS render on top of the page). Since Portal & Portal 2 are my favorite video games I decided I'll join this wiki! If you have any questions, or even if you just want to talk, feel free to message me (is this possible? I hope so). I'll try my best to add more useful information to the wiki (especially Trivia, I'm the kind of person that LOVES everything that happened BtS, during development, etc.). I'm not the best person if it comes to telling about themselves, so... I'll finish my introduction here.

(Oh, and I apologize for my horrible grammar)

More information about me

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  • Name: Max
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: Poland
  • Languages I speak: Polish (native), English (kinda fluent)
  • Birthday: 15th November
  • Loves: Portal, Portal 2, helping people, wasting his time, Blender (3D modeling, animation and rendering software), Unity (game engine), chatting with people on Discord and more...
  • Hates: describing himself in the 3rd person, school

You can find me on

Weird examples of my work

Thanks for reading <3