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Occupation Previously a nanobot superior in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, now a helper of the Portal Wiki
Hobby Hate crime
Country of origin Presumably Poland
Loads of stuff!
Portal logo.png This user is a Portal Unnoficial Wiki translator!

Wheatley spoils you.png This user reads the Portal Wiki with Spoilers on.

Portal logo.png This user wants Portal.

Portal2.png This user owns Portal 2.

User Translator.png This user translates Portal and Portal 2 to Polish.

en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.

pl Polski jest językiem ojczystym tego użytkownika.

Flag Poland.png This user is polish robot drinking vodka!

Just hang in there for five more - What? Jerry, you can't fire me for that! Yes, JERRY -- OR, maybe your prejudiced worksite should have accommodated a nanobot of my size. Thanks for the hate crime, Jer!
Bean counters said I couldn't fire a man just for being in a wheelchair. Did it anyway. Ramps are expensive.
Cave Johnson

Welcome to my user page! When you're here, it usually means trouble, so don't hesitate and head over to the talk page! If you're the stalking type though, here's a bit about me!

Who is this unfunny guy?

Well, if you took a look at the giant table to your left... uh, sorry, right, you could tell that I like hate crime. No, I don't. I only got it there for comedic relief and get another obscure reference up. Eh, don't mind me, please.

You already know that I can communicate in English too, and that is right. I'll be translating the Portal wiki to Polish, and we'll see what will happen. May this site get a view boost or anything? Doubt it, but worth a try!

As a big fan of Portal 2, I'd like to treat this as a chance to find out more about the heroes and get my English skills on a better level. It's very convenient when you think about it! (I think so.)

Anyway, enough about me. Let's get to work!

Translations complete

Polish name in brackets.