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This is to help people who want to play custom co-op maps with there friends

You will need

  • Portal 2
  • The Internet
  • A Un-zipping program (such as 7-zip) [1]

Downloading and Installing the maps

1. Find the map you want sites that do Portal 2 maps will be linked below

2. Click download (obvious)

3. Open the archive (if archive format)

4. Locate the .bsp file

5. Extract to C:\Program Files\steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2\maps

Setting up the co-op map

1. Open portal 2 and start Co-op with your friend

2. Wait until the hub loads (presuming you and your friend don't have to do calibration course)

3. The host opens up the console and types changelevel map_name_here


Portal 2

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Portal Game maps


  1. Not Required on most downloads but usually maps are in an archive format you cant open in windows