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Portal: Imminent Crisis is an upcoming feature film starring Ross Chan (also known as DSnWiiRocks on this Wiki and on YouTube), Matthew Cheung, <female actor not cast yet: playing the role of Caroline Johnson>, Patrick Lam, and Pak Lam Hui. This film also casts <actor name(s)> as the supporting roles.

Plot Teaser

The already hazardous facilities of Aperture Science comes another disaster! In this version of Aperture, there are no robots they'll ever help them, only ones that'll burst you to bits and riddle holes in you. All the tools the scientific endeavors only have are a bat, a rifle, a bow and arrow, a laptop, and their wits. Can they survive wave after wave of lethal machines and death traps and save Aperture from a nuclear disaster?

Plot Summary

Production & Concept

The film was originally conceptualized, according to both actor and director Ross Chan, during his session with the song Still Alive, that he visualized the credits scene with the cast shown according to the beats of the first verse of the song. This idea was later implemented in the actual credits scene, when they asked the editors to "let me handle this."

The song Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul, used during the dance scene halfway through the movie, was suggested by co-lead Matthew Cheung. This originally came from the original writing, when Matthew supervised Ross Chan in the first draft, this song was played in the background. Further stitching implemented this late-80s classic into the film as an indicator for the relationship between characters Dalton Forstall and Caroline Johnson. Another issue with this song being in the movie, is its retro theme doesn't really fit the theme of relationship in a technologically advanced science facility, so its organ track was volumed-down, and re-recorded in the studio.

The character's names have very special origins. The name of Dalton Forstall, was inspired by both The Exorcism and The Hunger Games for the first name Dalton, Former iOS design vice president of Apple Scott Forstall for the last name. Ross noted that Scott was "one of the things Apple is most associated with [on the screens]", that he wished to bring "his enthusiasm" to the character.

The name Vector Samson, suggested by Matthew himself, was split as both "worst thing in Math" (Vector Angles), and "the asshole in Poker Night 2", referencing Brock Samson from the Venture Bros. series.

Caroline Johnson is actually a nod suggested by Ross, which he suggests that "Caroline might have married Cave", but decides to remain silent on the matter.


Ross Chan as Dalton Forstall

Matthew Cheung as Vector Samson

<actress name here> as Caroline Johnson

Patrick Lam as Jake Maero

Pak Lam Hui as Frant Wayhard

Sonic Lam as Dalton's father

King Wong as the compilmenter ...

Ross, Matthew, had already been cast as Dalton Forstall and Vector Samson on August 30, while Sonic was on the project at the same time but was not given a specific role until November 7, where he was cast the role of Dalton's father. Patrick Lam was given the role on Jake Maero on September 1.

However, Sonic announced his departure on November 17, 2013 for unknown reasons, and the role was instead given to King Wong, with his announcement of joining on November 1.

The role of Caroline was hard to cast for, as it involves intimate and otherwise awkward situations. As a result of this, Ross Chan ordered a search beginning on early November