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id This is a blank user box.

Note: portions of the template sample may not be visible without values provided. This is normal.

Documentation for Userbox

Userbox Template

Do NOT edit or use this Template directly.

  |border-c = Border Color (Hex)
  |border-s = Border Size (Pixels, Use 1 to match others)
  |id-c     = ID field bgcolor (Hex)
  |id-s     = ID field Font size (Pixels, Use 14 to match others)
  |id-fc    = ID field Color (Hex)
  |info-c   = Info text bgcolor (Hex)
  |info-s   = Info Font size (Pixels, use 7 to match others)
  |info-fc  = Info text color (foreground)
  |id       = ID field text (Small Section.  40px image OR Two 14pt Characters ONLY)
  |info     = Info field Text (Large Section, Text ONLY)

Here's an Example:

  |border-c = #999
  |border-s = 1
  |id-c     = #DDD
  |id-s     = 14
  |id-fc    = #000000
  |info-c   = #EEE
  |info-s   = 7
  |info-fc  = #000000
  |id       = id
  |info     = This is a blank user box.
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