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id This is a blank user box.

The template above may be partially or fully invisible or glitched due to the respected strings aren't entered. This is normal.

Documentation for Userbox

Userbox Template

Do NOT edit or use this Template directly.

  |border-c = Border Color (Hex)
  |border-s = Border Size (Pixels, Use 1 to match others)
  |id-c     = ID field bgcolor (Hex)
  |id-s     = ID field Font size (Pixels, Use 14 to match others)
  |id-fc    = ID field Color (Hex)
  |info-c   = Info text bgcolor (Hex)
  |info-s   = Info Font size (Pixels, use 7 to match others)
  |info-fc  = Info text color (foreground)
  |id       = ID field text (Small Section.  40px image OR Two 14pt Characters ONLY)
  |info     = Info field Text (Large Section, Text ONLY)

Here's an Example:

  |border-c = #999
  |border-s = 1
  |id-c     = #DDD
  |id-s     = 14
  |id-fc    = #000000
  |info-c   = #EEE
  |info-s   = 7
  |info-fc  = #000000
  |id       = id
  |info     = This is a blank user box.
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