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The template above may be partially or fully invisible or glitched due to the respected strings aren't entered.
This is normal.

Documentation for Updates/core

This template takes values from {{Updates}} and displays them in different ways.



Provides a lang-formatted proper link to the latest patch article.
Provides a lang-formatted proper link to Patches (Beta).
Provides a lang-formatted proper external link to the latest blog post based on the given ID.

Days ago

portal2-patch-daysago, portal-patch-daysago, blog-daysago
Uses {{Days ago}} to render the days since the last patch / blog update (bracketed).

Raw values

The following raw values are available as they are given in {{Updates}} so they can be used anywhere.
| portal2-patch-month = 
| portal2-patch-day = 
| portal2-patch-year = 

| portal2-tools-patch-month = 
| portal2-tools-patch-day = 
| portal2-tools-patch-year = 

| portal-patch-month = 
| portal-patch-day = 
| portal-patch-year = 

| blog-month = 
| blog-day = 
| blog-year = 
| blog-id = 

<!--| wiki-cap-recipient = -->

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