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The template above may be partially or fully invisible or glitched due to the respected strings aren't entered.
This is normal.

Documentation for Protected


  • {{Protected
  • | vandalism = "to prevent vandalism." [default]
  • | unreleased = "until the item is officially released."
  • | template = "permanently as it is transcluded on thousands of pages."
  • | none = will display nothing as the reason.

  • | small = 1–changes width, text size and image size to show a smaller version of the message.
  • | style = any additional valid CSS style.

  • | talkpage = Talk:Gameplay–name of discussion page without brackets to override the default talk page link (if you want to keep discussion centralized on one page, for example)
  • | hidetalk = 1–hides the "please discuss on talk page" message.
  • }}