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773773"[english]cheaptitles_glados.mp_finalmovie_testsubjects02" "GLaDOS: Just look at all those test subjects!"
774774"cheaptitles_glados.mp_finalmovie_testing01" "GLaDOS: 시험을 얼마나 많이 할 수 있는지 생각 해봐!"
775775"[english]cheaptitles_glados.mp_finalmovie_testing01" "GLaDOS: Think of all the testing!"
776N/A"cheaptitles_glados.mp_finalmovie_science03" "GLaDOS: 너희가 과학을 지켜서!"
N/A776"cheaptitles_glados.mp_finalmovie_science03" "GLaDOS: 너희가 과학을 구했어!"
777777"[english]cheaptitles_glados.mp_finalmovie_science03" "GLaDOS: You saved science!"
778778"cheaptitles_glados.mp_coop_paint_longjump_introexit10" "GLaDOS: 이제 그만들 해, 할 일이 더 많아."
779779"[english]cheaptitles_glados.mp_coop_paint_longjump_introexit10" "GLaDOS: Enough celebrating, we have more work to do."
823823"[english]song.line21" "Now I only want you gone"
824824"song.line22" "내 유일한 친구 이젠 안녕"
825825"[english]song.line22" "Goodbye my only friend"
826N/A"song.line23" "어머, 당신한테 말한 거라고 생각해서?"
N/A826"song.line23" "어머, 당신한테 말한 거라고 생각했나요?"
827827"[english]song.line23" "Oh, did you think I meant you?"
828828"song.line24" "슬프지 않다면 그것도 웃기겠죠"
829829"[english]song.line24" "That would be funny if it weren't so sad"