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4545"[english]X_STRINGID_GAMERNAMECOL" "Gamer Name"
4646"PS3_PLATINUM_TROPHY_T" "Portal 2 플래티넘 트로피"
4747"[english]PS3_PLATINUM_TROPHY_T" "Portal 2 Platinum Trophy"
48N/A"PS3_PLATINUM_TROPHY_D" "다른 모든 Portal 2 트로피 수집함"
N/A48"PS3_PLATINUM_TROPHY_D" "다른 모든 Portal 2 트로피를 모았습니다"
4949"[english]PS3_PLATINUM_TROPHY_D" "Collected all other Portal 2 trophies"
5050"PS3_STRINGID_TITLETROPHYSET" "Portal 2의 트로피 모음"
5151"[english]PS3_STRINGID_TITLETROPHYSET" "Trophy set for Portal 2"
139139"[english]ACH_LASER_D" "Complete the first Thermal Discouragement Beam test"
140140"ACH_BRIDGE_T" "험한 세상에 다리가 되어"
141141"[english]ACH_BRIDGE_T" "Bridge Over Troubling Water"
142N/A"ACH_BRIDGE_D" "첫 번째 하드 라이트 브리지 테스트 완료"
N/A142"ACH_BRIDGE_D" "첫번째 하드 라이트 브리지 실험을 완료하십시오"
143143"[english]ACH_BRIDGE_D" "Complete the first Hard Light Bridge test"
144144"ACH_BREAK_OUT_T" "여행 중단"
145145"[english]ACH_BREAK_OUT_T" "SaBOTour"
146N/A"ACH_BREAK_OUT_D" "휘틀리와 테스트실 탈출"
N/A146"ACH_BREAK_OUT_D" "휘틀리와 함께 실험실을 탈출하십시오"
147147"[english]ACH_BREAK_OUT_D" "Make a break for it"
148148"ACH_STALEMATE_ASSOCIATE_T" "교착 상태 관계자"
149149"[english]ACH_STALEMATE_ASSOCIATE_T" "Stalemate Associate"
153153"[english]ACH_ADDICTED_TO_SPUDS_T" "Tater Tote"
154154"ACH_ADDICTED_TO_SPUDS_D" "과학의 진일보"
155155"[english]ACH_ADDICTED_TO_SPUDS_D" "Carry science forward"
156N/A"ACH_BLUE_GEL_T" "절대적인 수직 운동"
N/A156"ACH_BLUE_GEL_T" "자유 수직 운동"
157157"[english]ACH_BLUE_GEL_T" "Vertically Unchallenged"
158158"ACH_BLUE_GEL_D" "반발 젤 마스터"
159159"[english]ACH_BLUE_GEL_D" "Master the Repulsion Gel"
171171"[english]ACH_TRACTOR_BEAM_D" "Master the Excursion Funnel"
172172"ACH_TRIVIAL_TEST_T" "이중 함정 실험"
173173"[english]ACH_TRIVIAL_TEST_T" "Dual Pit Experiment"
174N/A"ACH_TRIVIAL_TEST_D" "같은 테스트 두 번 통과"
N/A174"ACH_TRIVIAL_TEST_D" "같은 실험을 두 번 통과하십시오"
175175"[english]ACH_TRIVIAL_TEST_D" "Do the same test twice"
176176"ACH_WHEATLEY_TRIES_TO_T" "죽임을 당하는 단계"
177177"[english]ACH_WHEATLEY_TRIES_TO_T" "The Part Where He Kills You"
181181"[english]ACH_SHOOT_THE_MOON_T" "Lunacy"
182182"ACH_SHOOT_THE_MOON_D" "방금 일어난 일"
183183"[english]ACH_SHOOT_THE_MOON_D" "That just happened"
184N/A"ACH_BOX_HOLE_IN_ONE_T" "드롭 박스"
N/A184"ACH_BOX_HOLE_IN_ONE_T" "떨굼 상자"
185185"[english]ACH_BOX_HOLE_IN_ONE_T" "Drop Box"
186N/A"ACH_BOX_HOLE_IN_ONE_D" "큐브에 손대지 않고 큐브를 버튼 위에 놓기"
N/A186"ACH_BOX_HOLE_IN_ONE_D" "큐브를 만지지 않고 버튼 위에 올려놓으십시오"
187187"[english]ACH_BOX_HOLE_IN_ONE_D" "Place a cube on a button without touching the cube"
188188"ACH_SPEED_RUN_LEVEL_T" "오버클로커"
189189"[english]ACH_SPEED_RUN_LEVEL_T" "Overclocker"
190N/A"ACH_SPEED_RUN_LEVEL_D" "70초 안에 테스트실 10 통과"
N/A190"ACH_SPEED_RUN_LEVEL_D" "70초 안에 10번 실험실을 통과하십시오"
191191"[english]ACH_SPEED_RUN_LEVEL_D" "Complete Test Chamber 10 in 70 seconds"
192N/A"ACH_COMPLIANT_T" "함정 보스"
N/A192"ACH_COMPLIANT_T" "함정 지배자"
193193"[english]ACH_COMPLIANT_T" "Pit Boss"
194N/A"ACH_COMPLIANT_D" "누가 보스인지 함정에게 본때 보이기"
N/A194"ACH_COMPLIANT_D" "누가 더 실력자인지 함정에게 본때를 보이십시오"
195195"[english]ACH_COMPLIANT_D" "Show that pit who's boss"
196196"ACH_SAVE_CUBE_T" "질량 보존의 법칙"
197197"[english]ACH_SAVE_CUBE_T" "Preservation of Mass"
198N/A"ACH_SAVE_CUBE_D" "테스트실 07의 규칙 깨기"
N/A198"ACH_SAVE_CUBE_D" "07번 실험실에서 규칙을 어기십시오"
199199"[english]ACH_SAVE_CUBE_D" "Break the rules in Test Chamber 07"
200200"ACH_LAUNCH_TURRET_T" "터렛 발사"
201201"[english]ACH_LAUNCH_TURRET_T" "Pturretdactyl"
202202"ACH_LAUNCH_TURRET_D" "공중 페이스 플레이트를 사용하여 터렛 발사"
203203"[english]ACH_LAUNCH_TURRET_D" "Use an Aerial Faith Plate to launch a turret"
204N/A"ACH_CLEAN_UP_T" "최종 전송"
N/A204"ACH_CLEAN_UP_T" "최후 전송"
205205"[english]ACH_CLEAN_UP_T" "Final Transmission"
206N/A"ACH_CLEAN_UP_D" "랫맨의 소굴 중 한 곳에서 숨겨진 신호 찾기"
N/A206"ACH_CLEAN_UP_D" "랫맨의 소굴 중 한 곳에서 숨겨진 신호를 찾으십시오"
207207"[english]ACH_CLEAN_UP_D" "Find the hidden signal in one of the Rat Man's dens"
209209"[english]ACH_REENTER_TEST_CHAMBERS_T" "Good Listener"
N/A210"ACH_REENTER_TEST_CHAMBERS_D" "GLaDOS의 탈출 충고를 받아들이십시오"
211211"[english]ACH_REENTER_TEST_CHAMBERS_D" "Take GLaDOS' escape advice"
212212"ACH_NOT_THE_DROID_T" "나 홀로 스캔"
213213"[english]ACH_NOT_THE_DROID_T" "Scanned Alone"
219219"[english]ACH_SAVE_REDEMPTION_TURRET_D" "Save a turret from redemption"
220220"ACH_CATCH_CRAZY_BOX_T" "슈뢰딩거의 난제"
221221"[english]ACH_CATCH_CRAZY_BOX_T" "Schrodinger's Catch"
222N/A"ACH_CATCH_CRAZY_BOX_D" "파란색으로 칠해진 박스를 땅에 떨어지기 전에 잡기"
N/A222"ACH_CATCH_CRAZY_BOX_D" "파란색으로 칠해진 상자가 땅에 닿기 전에 잡으십시오"
223223"[english]ACH_CATCH_CRAZY_BOX_D" "Catch a blue-painted box before it touches the ground"
224224"ACH_NO_BOAT_T" "사라진 배"
225225"[english]ACH_NO_BOAT_T" "Ship Overboard"
227227"[english]ACH_NO_BOAT_D" "Discover the missing experiment"
228228"ACH_A3_DOORS_T" "경품"
229229"[english]ACH_A3_DOORS_T" "Door Prize"
230N/A"ACH_A3_DOORS_D" "유리화된 테스트실 문 모두 조사"
N/A230"ACH_A3_DOORS_D" "유리화된 실험실 문을 모두 조사하십시오"
231231"[english]ACH_A3_DOORS_D" "Examine all the vitrified test chamber doors"
232232"ACH_PORTRAIT_T" "여인의 초상화"
233233"[english]ACH_PORTRAIT_T" "Portrait of a Lady"
234N/A"ACH_PORTRAIT_D" "숨겨진 초상화 찾기"
N/A234"ACH_PORTRAIT_D" "숨겨진 초상화를 찾으십시오"
235235"[english]ACH_PORTRAIT_D" "Find a hidden portrait"
236N/A"ACH_DEFIANT_T" "이치에 맞는 말"
N/A236"ACH_DEFIANT_T" "네 뜻을 분명히"
237237"[english]ACH_DEFIANT_T" "You Made Your Point"
238N/A"ACH_DEFIANT_D" "8장에서 첫 테스트 해결 거부"
N/A238"ACH_DEFIANT_D" "8장에서 첫 실험을 해결하는 것을 거부하십시오"
239239"[english]ACH_DEFIANT_D" "Refuse to solve the first test in Chapter 8"
241241"[english]ACH_BREAK_MONITORS_T" "Smash TV"
242N/A"ACH_BREAK_MONITORS_D" "11개의 테스트실 모니터 부수기"
N/A242"ACH_BREAK_MONITORS_D" "실험실에 있는 모니터를 11개 부수십시오"
243243"[english]ACH_BREAK_MONITORS_D" "Break 11 test chamber monitors"
244244"ACH_HI_FIVE_YOUR_PARTNER_T" "하이 파이브"
245245"[english]ACH_HI_FIVE_YOUR_PARTNER_T" "High Five"
259259"[english]ACH_HUG_NAME_D" "Complete all test chambers in the Hard-Light Surfaces co-op course"
260260"ACH_EXCURSION_FUNNELS_T" "장애물 쌓기"
261261"[english]ACH_EXCURSION_FUNNELS_T" "Obstacle Building"
262N/A"ACH_EXCURSION_FUNNELS_D" "이동 터널 협동 코스에서 모든 테스트실 통과"
N/A262"ACH_EXCURSION_FUNNELS_D" "편위 깔때기 협동 코스에서 모든 실험실을 통과하십시오"
263263"[english]ACH_EXCURSION_FUNNELS_D" "Complete all test chambers in the Excursion Funnels co-op course"
264264"ACH_NEW_BLOOD_T" "과학을 지켜내다"
265265"[english]ACH_NEW_BLOOD_T" "You Saved Science"
611611"[english]Instructor_Unzoom" "Unzoom"
612612"Instructor_Zoom" "줌"
613613"[english]Instructor_Zoom" "Zoom"
614N/A"Paint_Instructor_teach_bounce_suppression" "반동을 방지하려면 누르고 있기"
N/A614"Paint_Instructor_teach_bounce_suppression" "튀지 않으려면 누르고 계세요"
615615"[english]Paint_Instructor_teach_bounce_suppression" "Hold to prevent bouncing"
616616"P2COOP_Invite_Title" "Portal 2 초대"
617617"[english]P2COOP_Invite_Title" "Portal 2 Invite"
618N/A"P2COOP_Invite_Body" "Portal 2 협동 게임에 초대 되었습니다!"
N/A618"P2COOP_Invite_Body" "Portal 2 협동 게임에 초대를 받았습니다!"
619619"[english]P2COOP_Invite_Body" "You have been invited to play a Portal 2 cooperative game!"
620620"P2COOP_TrackName_1" "팀 구성"
621621"[english]P2COOP_TrackName_1" "TEAM BUILDING"
622N/A"P2COOP_TrackName_2" "질량과 속력"
N/A622"P2COOP_TrackName_2" "질량과 속도"
623623"[english]P2COOP_TrackName_2" "MASS AND VELOCITY"
624624"P2COOP_TrackName_3" "하드 라이트 표면"
625625"[english]P2COOP_TrackName_3" "HARD-LIGHT SURFACES"
646646"P2COOP_Scoreboard_Disclaimer3" "당신을 보고 있습니다."
647647"[english]P2COOP_Scoreboard_Disclaimer3" "I SEE YOU"
648N/A"P2COOP_Scoreboard_Stat1" "사용한 스텝"
N/A648"P2COOP_Scoreboard_Stat1" "걸음 수"
649649"[english]P2COOP_Scoreboard_Stat1" "STEPS TAKEN"
650650"P2COOP_Scoreboard_Stat2" "배치한 포털"
651651"[english]P2COOP_Scoreboard_Stat2" "PORTALS PLACED"
665665"[english]P2COOP_Scoreboard_Stat6_Part3" "POINTS"
666666"P2COOP_Scanning" "개인 검색 중..."
667667"[english]P2COOP_Scanning" "SCANNING PERSONNEL..."
668N/A"P2COOP_Waiting" "대기 중..."
N/A668"P2COOP_Waiting" "기다리는 중..."
669669"[english]P2COOP_Waiting" "WAITING..."
670670"P2COOP_Scoreboard_Stat4_SubLabel_Part1" "성적이 떨어지므로"
671671"[english]P2COOP_Scoreboard_Stat4_SubLabel_Part1" "AREA OF UNDER PERFORM ANCE"
701701"[english]cheaptitles_sphere03.openingnavigate16" "Wheatley: Aggh, see, now I hit that one, I hit that one..."
702702"cheaptitles_sphere03.openingnavigate17" "Wheatley: 그쪽 아래는 어때? 아직 버티고 있어?"
703703"[english]cheaptitles_sphere03.openingnavigate17" "Wheatley: How you doing down there? You still holding on?"
704N/A"cheaptitles_sphere03.openingstorystraight02" "Wheatley: 오케이, 잘 들어. 서로 입을 맞춰야 하니까. 알았지? 누군가 물어보면... 물론 아무도 묻지 않을 테니 걱정하지 않아도 돼. 그래도 혹시 누가 물어보면 네가 아는 한, 그리고 네가 마지막으로 확인했을 때는 모두가 확실히 살아있었다고 말해. 알았지? 죽지 않았었다고 말하란 말이야."
N/A704"cheaptitles_sphere03.openingstorystraight02" "Wheatley: 좋아, 잘 들어. 서로 입을 맞춰야 하니까, 알았지? 누군가 물어보면...... 물론 아무도 묻지 않을 테니 걱정하지 않아도 돼. 그래도 혹시 누가 물어보면 네가 아는 한, 그리고 네가 마지막으로 확인했을 때는 모두가 확실히 살아있었다고 말해. 알았지? 죽은 사람은 없었다고 말하란 말이야."
705705"[english]cheaptitles_sphere03.openingstorystraight02" "Wheatley: Okay, listen, we should get our stories straight, alright? If anyone asks -- and no one's gonna ask, don't worry -- but if anyone asks, tell them as far as you know, the last time you checked, everyone looked pretty much alive. Alright? Not dead."
706706"cheaptitles_sphere03.openingwall01" "Wheatley: 좋아, 거의 다 왔어. 저 벽 반대편에는 오래된 테스트 트랙이 하나 있어. 그곳에서 여기를 빠져나가는 데 필요한 장비를 찾을 수 있을 거야. 이건 도킹 스테이션 같아. 준비해..."
707707"[english]cheaptitles_sphere03.openingwall01" "Wheatley: Okay, almost there. On the other side of that wall is one of the old testing tracks. There's a piece of equipment in there we're gonna need to get out of here. I think this is a docking station. Get ready..."
735735"[english]cheaptitles_sphere03.bw_finale04_through_portal05" "Wheatley: Let go!"
736736"cheaptitles_sphere03.bw_finale04_through_portal07" "Wheatley: 안돼. 계획이 바뀌었어. 날 붙들어. 꽉 잡아!"
737737"[english]cheaptitles_sphere03.bw_finale04_through_portal07" "Wheatley: Oh no. Change of plans. Hold onto me. Tighter!"
738N/A"cheaptitles_sphere03.bw_finale04_through_portal08" "Wheatley: 날 잡아, 날 잡아, 날 잡아! 날 잡으라고!"
N/A738"cheaptitles_sphere03.bw_finale04_through_portal08" "Wheatley: 날 잡아, 날 잡아, 날 잡아! 잡으라고오오오!"
739739"[english]cheaptitles_sphere03.bw_finale04_through_portal08" "Wheatley: Grab me grab me grab me! Grab meeee!"
740740"cheaptitles_glados.moonportalpush02" "GLaDOS: 내가 이미 고쳤어."
741741"[english]cheaptitles_glados.moonportalpush02" "GLaDOS: I already fixed it."
767767"[english]cheaptitles_sphere03.outro_apology06" "Wheatley: The end."
768768"cheaptitles_glados.mp_coop_paint_longjump_intro24" "GLaDOS: 너희가 해냈구나! 해냈어!"
769769"[english]cheaptitles_glados.mp_coop_paint_longjump_intro24" "GLaDOS: You did it! You really did it!"
770N/A"cheaptitles_glados.mp_coop_paint_longjump_intro25" "GLaDOS: 태스트한 가치가 있었어!"
N/A770"cheaptitles_glados.mp_coop_paint_longjump_intro25" "GLaDOS: 실험한 가치가 있었어!"
771771"[english]cheaptitles_glados.mp_coop_paint_longjump_intro25" "GLaDOS: All your testing was worth it!"
772772"cheaptitles_glados.mp_finalmovie_testsubjects02" "GLaDOS: 저 많은 피실험체들을 봐!"
773773"[english]cheaptitles_glados.mp_finalmovie_testsubjects02" "GLaDOS: Just look at all those test subjects!"
805805"[english]song.line12" "She was a lot like you"
806806"song.line13" "아마 당신 처럼 무겁지는 않았지"
807807"[english]song.line13" "Maybe not quite as heavy"
808N/A"song.line14" "이제 캐롤라인도 있군요"
N/A808"song.line14" "이제 캐롤린도 내 안에 있어요"
809809"[english]song.line14" "Now little Caroline is in here too"
810810"song.line15" "어느날 그들이 날 깨웠죠"
811811"[english]song.line15" "One day they woke me up"