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34033403"[english]CAPTION_COLORS_CORE_2" "Core 2"
34043404"CAPTION_COLORS_CORE_3" "Core 3"
34053405"[english]CAPTION_COLORS_CORE_3" "Core 3"
3406N/A"PORTAL2_Extras_Attract01Title" "보트 만나기"
N/A3406"PORTAL2_Extras_Attract01Title" "봇 만나기"
34073407"[english]PORTAL2_Extras_Attract01Title" "Meet the Bots"
3408N/A"PORTAL2_Extras_Attract01Subtitle" "보트 만나기 - Atlas와 P-Body"
N/A3408"PORTAL2_Extras_Attract01Subtitle" "봇 만나기 - 애틀러스와 P-바디"
34093409"[english]PORTAL2_Extras_Attract01Subtitle" "Meet the Bots - Atlas and P-Body"
34103410"PORTAL2_Extras_Attract02Title" "GLados의 부활"
34113411"[english]PORTAL2_Extras_Attract02Title" "Glados Wakes"
34123412"PORTAL2_Extras_Attract02Subtitle" "Glados의 부활 - 티저 영상"
34133413"[english]PORTAL2_Extras_Attract02Subtitle" "Glados Wakes - Teaser Video"
3414N/A"PORTAL2_Extras_BotTrustTitle" "보트의 신뢰"
N/A3414"PORTAL2_Extras_BotTrustTitle" "봇의 신뢰"
34153415"[english]PORTAL2_Extras_BotTrustTitle" "Bot Trust"
3416N/A"PORTAL2_Extras_BotTrustSubtitle" "애퍼처 프로모 - 보트의 신뢰"
N/A3416"PORTAL2_Extras_BotTrustSubtitle" "애퍼처 프로모 - 봇의 신뢰"
34173417"[english]PORTAL2_Extras_BotTrustSubtitle" "Aperture Promo - Bot Trust"
34183418"PORTAL2_Extras_PanelsTitle" "패널"
34193419"[english]PORTAL2_Extras_PanelsTitle" "Panels"
34533453"[english]PORTAL2_VideoOptions_CPUDetail_Info" "Effect Detail controls the complexity of certain visual effects in the game as well as the draw-distance. Decreasing the effect detail may improve performance but will also increase model pop-in artifacts."
34543454"PORTAL2_VideoOptions_ModelDetail_Info" "모델 / 텍스처 세부 사항은 게임 내에 있는 모델의 텍스처 해상도와 지오메트릭 복잡성을 조절합니다. 이것을 내리면 낮은 시스템에서 퍼포먼스가 좋아지는 것을 볼 수 있습니다, 그러나 이미지 질이 떨어집니다."
34553455"[english]PORTAL2_VideoOptions_ModelDetail_Info" "The Model / Texture Detail setting controls the resolution of textures and geometric complexity of models in the game. Decreasing this setting may improve performance on low-end systems, but will degrade image quality."
N/A3456"SessionError_ConnectionFailedAfter" "게임 서버 접속을 실패했습니다."
N/A3457"[english]SessionError_ConnectionFailedAfter" "Connection to game server failed."
N/A3458"SessionError_ServerShuttingDown" "게임 서버가 종료되었습니다."
N/A3459"[english]SessionError_ServerShuttingDown" "Game server has been shut down."