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Documentation for Lang name

{{Lang name}} can output the ISO code for a language if given the English name, or the English name if given the ISO code.


The first parameter should contain what type of output you want, and the second should contain the language code or name.

  • {{Lang name|name|ru}} outputs "Russian"
  • {{Lang name|code|Russian}} outputs "ru"
  • {{Lang name|type=name|lang=fr}} outputs "French"
  • {{Lang name|type=code|lang=French}} outputs "fr"

Extra options

Any of the following options can be used to specify Chinese and Portuguese languages. Using any of the names from the list will output the language code (shown below in brackets) if type=code or code in parameter 1 is specified.

  • "zh-hans"
    • S.Chinese
    • Chinese Simp
    • Chinese Simplified
    • Chinese (Simplified)
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Simp Chinese
    • Simp. Chinese
  • "zh-hant"
    • T.Chinese
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Chinese Traditional
    • Chinese (Traditional)
  • "pt-br"
    • Portuguese Brazil
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Portuguese (Brazil)

Native names

The MediaWiki software can already display the native name of a language by using the code {{#language:de}} (which generates "Deutsch"). However, {{Lang name}} can also perform the same function using the syntax {{Lang name|native|de}}.