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Documentation for Information

Use this template on image description pages to display information about the image clearly.


Parameter Example Description
description Screenshot of competitive gameplay on [[Badlands]]. A description of the uploaded image.
source In-game screenshot. Where the image is from.
date August 23, 2010 Date the image was created.
author Myself, [[User:Example]]. Who created the image. Note: this is not always the copyright holder.
permission CC-BY-SA according to [http://www.google.com this page]. Permission from copyright holder to use this image. If the image is a Valve image (see Licensing images) then you shouldn't use this parameter.
other_versions [[:File:Example image.png]] shows the subject more clearly. Links to other versions of the image.


 | description = Screenshot of [[Turrets]] in a test chamber.
 | source      = Portal 2 in-game screenshot.
 | date        = April 22, 2011
 | author      = Myself, [[User:Moussekateer|<font color="#0B61A4">'''Moussekateer'''</font>]].
  • The above code will generate the following: