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The template above may be partially or fully invisible or glitched due to the respected strings aren't entered.
This is normal.

Documentation for Information

Use this template on image description pages to display information about the image clearly.


Parameter Example Description
description Screenshot of competitive gameplay on [[Badlands]]. A description of the uploaded image.
source In-game screenshot. Where the image is from.
date August 23, 2010 Date the image was created.
author Myself, [[User:Example]]. Who created the image. Note: this is not always the copyright holder.
permission CC-BY-SA according to [http://www.google.com this page]. Permission from copyright holder to use this image. If the image is a Valve image (see Licensing images) then you shouldn't use this parameter.
other_versions [[:File:Example image.png]] shows the subject more clearly. Links to other versions of the image.


 | description = Screenshot of [[Turrets]] in a test chamber.
 | source      = Portal 2 in-game screenshot.
 | date        = April 22, 2011
 | author      = Myself, [[User:Moussekateer|<font color="#0B61A4">'''Moussekateer'''</font>]].
  • The above code will generate the following: