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[citation needed]

The template above may be partially or fully invisible or glitched.

Documentation for Cite

This template can be used to indicate that a particular statement or claim is unverified, and that it requires a source link to confirm.


  • Using {{cite}} at the end of a statement or sentence will generate the tag like this.[citation needed]
  • The templates {{cit}}, {{citation needed}} and {{verify}} will also generate the tag.


  • Use it on claims that obviously require a source. In the below instance, a link to a blog post, press statement or other Valve announcement should be provided.
Valve has stated that enough potatoes could reboot GLaDOS earlier than originally planned.{{cite}}
  • However, do not use it on claims that are general game knowledge or would otherwise not require a proper citation.
The Handheld Portal Device has the ability to pick up and manipulate objects directly in front of it.{{cite}}
The Tyrant's Helm appears as a metal Viking helmet with two horns on its sides, the left of which is broken..{{cite}}