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[citation needed]

The template above may be partially or fully invisible or glitched due to the respected strings aren't entered.
This is normal.

Documentation for Cite

This template can be used to indicate that a particular statement or claim is unverified, and that it requires a source link to confirm.


  • Using {{cite}} at the end of a statement or sentence will generate the tag like this.[citation needed]
  • The templates {{cit}}, {{citation needed}} and {{verify}} will also generate the tag.


  • Use it on claims that obviously require a source. In the below instance, a link to a blog post, press statement or other Valve announcement should be provided.
Valve has stated that enough potatoes could reboot GLaDOS earlier than originally planned.{{cite}}
  • However, do not use it on claims that are general game knowledge or would otherwise not require a proper citation.
The Handheld Portal Device has the ability to pick up and manipulate objects directly in front of it.{{cite}}
The Tyrant's Helm appears as a metal Viking helmet with two horns on its sides, the left of which is broken..{{cite}}