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Achievement Name
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Documentation for Achievement

This template was created in order to standardise how achievements appear in article pages.

You should not use this template directly. To show a particular achievement on a page, use {{Show achievement}} instead. This template holds only the code to display achievements in a table. It does not hold any translated text or titles.


Name Example Description
1 Heartbreaker Name of the achievement.
2 Complete Portal. The description (should use exact wording from Steam).
3 Tf quick hook.png The file name of the image (exclude File: or Image: prefix)
width 100% The width. Can be set to 50% if not used in a table, otherwise it defaults to 100%.
obtain-level easy The level of difficulty. Accepts "easy", "medium" and "hard". This also gives the box a coloured background and border on the left. Not defining a level of difficulty gives the box a grey background.
obtain-text Just beat the game to the end The description text.

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