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Federal Superfund regulations require us to inform you that you must now leave the theater, as measuring the effects of asbestos-lined promotional clothing is not part of today's presentation. Enjoy your free t-shirt. Goodbye.
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Since the release of Portal 2, various pieces of merchandise – such as mousepads, posters, and clothing – have been made available for purchase through the Portal catalog of the Valve Store. Most of the merchandise depicts the various characters, logos, and equipment found throughout the Portal universe.

List of Merchandise


Merch Aperture Knitted Scarf.jpg

Aperture Knitted Scarf

$30.00 · 

Merch Aperture Water Bottle.jpg

Aperture Water Bottle

$18.00 · 

Merch Snuggable Companion Cube Plush.jpg

Snuggable Companion Cube Plush

$25.00 · 

Merch Catch Me Mousepad.jpg

Catch Me Mousepad

$12.00 · 

Merch Portal 2 Wheatley Plush Key Chain.jpg

Portal 2 Wheatley Plush Key Chain

$13.00 · 

Merch Turret Water Bottle.jpg

Turret Water Bottle

$20.00 · 

Merch Huggable Companion Cube.jpg

Huggable Companion Cube

$45.00 · 

Merch Classic Aperture Logo Mug.jpg

Classic Aperture Logo Mug

$10.00 · 

Merch Wheatley Plush.jpg

Wheatley Plush

$25.00 · 

Merch Companion Cube Poem Mousepad.jpg

Companion Cube Poem Mousepad

$15.00 · 

Merch Portal Aperture Laboratories Messenger Bag.jpg

Portal Aperture Laboratories Messenger Bag

$65.00 · 

Merch Companion Cube Wallet.jpg

Companion Cube Wallet

$17.00 · 


Merch Jacket - Programmer.png

Jacket - Programmer

$109.00 · 

Merch Jacket - Engineer.png

Jacket - Engineer

$150.00 · 

Merch Jacket - Scientist Womens.png

Jacket - Scientist Womens

$120.00 · 


Merch Portal 2 Tribute print.jpg

Portal 2 Tribute

$25.00 · 

Merch Terminal Velocity print.jpg

Terminal Velocity

$25.00 · 

Merch Aperture Crest print.jpg

Aperture Crest

$25.00 · 

Merch Chell's Cake print.jpg

Chell's Cake

$25.00 · 

Merch Porting print.jpg


$25.00 · 

Merch there is no Escape print.jpg

There is No Escape

$25.00 · 

Merch the Cake is a Fabrication print.jpg

The Cake is a Fabrication

$25.00 · 

Merch Catch Me print.jpg

Catch Me

$25.00 · 

Merch Companion Cube poem print.jpg

Companion Cube Poem

$25.00 · 

Merch Portal 2 Game print.jpg

Portal 2 Game Print

$25.00 · 

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