June 4, 2012 Patch

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Patch notes

Portal 2

  • Allow queues to be larger than 50 maps, ditto with history logs.
  • Fixed the coop ping tool getting stuck on when using a 360 controller on PC.
  • Fixed instances where crossplay between PS3 and PC/Mac would not work.
  • Fixed performance issue with lasers.
  • Added a player clip brush around the item dropper model. This prevents cases where the player can go through the dropper when creating portals very close to the dropper
  • Made the clips for the glass/grating a little smaller so that they are a tighter fit to the actual brushes/frames that get exported. This prevents a weird bug where cubes placed on buttons next to glass would get pushed away from the glass.
  • Fixed flip panels getting activated with only 1 input activated even if there were many inputs connected.
  • Fixed two of the entrance hallway instances being a little too big and having some of their nodraw show if the voxels surrounding the entrance were void. Cleaned up some of the textures the these instances as well.
  • Lowered brush count in the light strips from five to two.
  • Fixed items having incorrect collision data immediately after creating a new chamber. We now make all items update immediately after a new item is created.
  • Made angled panels, stairs and piston platforms only block antlines on the surfaces they embed onto.
  • Fixing incorred English subtitles.
  • Always write the error.p2c even if the export failed.
  • Adding solution for resolving orphaned Workshop puzzles on a user's disk. (Set cm_fix_orphaned_files to 1 to enable this).
  • Fixed items sometimes staying in their exploded animation even after the context menu is dismissed.
  • Fixed repeatedly clicking on the same item creating redundant actions that made Undo/Redo sometimes feel like it wasn't doing anything.
  • Fixed items rendering as pickable when doing surface selection. Previously, if your mouse went over an item while doing a surface selection the carat would jump to the position of the item, rather than the surface behind the item.
  • Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y dismisses the context menu if it's up. This prevents weird behavior where Undo or Redo deletes an item but the context menu for that item would remain up.
  • Fixed bug that was disallowing users deleting saved games through the save/load dialog.
  • Handle cases where the user is trying to quit the program while in the puzzlemaker. You will now be prompted to save your work in these cases.
  • Glass no longer export their frames twice.
  • Added a func_brush in the exit door that gets enabled when the door closes and disabled when the door opens. This prevents tbeams from creeping in under the door and leeching off all your skin.
  • Added more connection points to stairs.