April 28, 2016 Patch (The Lab)

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Source: The Lab Update - April 28, 2016

Patch notes


  • Pressing the Application Menu button with skip the Valve Intro for returning players.
  • The intro can now be skipped with the following command line parameters: -nointro or -novid
  • Players can use these command line params to load The Lab to a specific scene: -xortex, -slingshot -longbow, -humanbody, -solarsystem, -vesperpeak, -park, -lavatube, -venice
  • Fix controller text hints doing acrobatics in certain contorted angles.


  • Trained FetchBot to not steal toys from the table.
  • Fixed the 'new' marker sometimes pointing at the wrong item on the table.
  • Several sound fixes
  • Lighting fixes

Solar System

  • Fixed being able to toss small planets out of the Solar System.
  • Planets gently rotate into place when set in an orbits.


  • Touching the boss now causes death.