Perpetual Testing Initiative

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The Perpetual Testing Initiative is a gamemode and campaign which introduces the concept of multiple alternate universes, simply shortened as "the multiverse". Set entirely on testing chambers created by the Portal 2 community on the Steam Workshop, the player once again has to fulfill the role of test subject - this time as silent stick figure Bendy.

The test chambers in the DLC are completely user-generated, using the simplistic in-game testing editor " Puzzle Creator", a much simplified version of Hammer.

It appears that Cave Johnson still lives in the multiverse and as healthy as he was before he was poisoned after contacting Moon rocks in an attempt to create Conversion Gel in the main Earth, as Bendy can hear Johnson talking to him from a microphone as he navigates the test chambers. Also, every Earth in the multiverse results with GLaDOS being abolished after she tries to flood the Enrichment Centers in the various Earths with deadly neurotoxin.


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