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You're gonna do a few tests for me, and then you get 60$, cake and freedom as a reward, okay? I'll be honest, we use some Aperture Science technology. Obviously, we didn't buy them, we stole them. Why? Because the new owner of Aperture Science doesn't sell Aperture's products anymore, so we had to steal it secretly. Don't tell anyone, okay?
— Party Escort Bot equal Beans

A wiki in a wiki. WIKICEPTION!!!

Party Escort Bot = Beans is literally the most important character in the Party Escort Beans Enrichment Center Activity. Without him, the entire activity would be isolated, much like in Portal or Portal 2, or if the storyline remained the same, the facility wouldn't even exist. Like GLaDOS, he spends most of his time testing people, but unlike GLaDOS, he is proud of his test subjects and congratulates them.

He is first seen in the Introduction, and can react to the Test Subject's actions as soon as in Test Chamber 01. He seems, however, to make more or less big mistakes, such as crashing a tube in Test Chamber 04 or destroying part of the chamber to insert a testing element.


  • Party Escort Bot = Beans is actually the creator of the Party Escort Beans Enrichment Center Activity.
  • When Party Escort Bot = Beans (in real life) voices himself (in-game), he uses a slightly modified and younger sounding Cave Johnson voice.
  • Originally, Party Escort Bot = Beans would panic because of the Central Core taking over the Party Escort Beans Enrichment Center, until it was decided that there would be no Central Core.
  • Much like the Adventure Core from Portal 2, Party Escort Bot = Beans gets angry really fast in-game: Doing the same mistake twice can make him rage if the mistake was hard to fix.
  • In real life, Party Escort Bot = Beans has given announcements and has confirmed a second Enrichment Center Activity.