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735735"[english]Store_CartItems" "%s1 Items"
736736"Store_EstimatedTotal" ""
737737"[english]Store_EstimatedTotal" "ESTIMATED TOTAL"
738N/A"Store_WAStateSalesTax" " "
N/A738"Store_WAStateSalesTax" ""
739739"[english]Store_WAStateSalesTax" "Sales tax will be calculated for WA state residents"
740740"Store_TotalSubtextB" " "
741741"[english]Store_TotalSubtextB" "All items will be added to your backpack after purchase"
771771"[english]StoreUpdate_NoGCResponse" "The Store is currently closed."
772772"StoreUpdate_NewPriceSheetLoaded" ""
773773"[english]StoreUpdate_NewPriceSheetLoaded" "The product list has been updated to the latest version."
774N/A"StoreUpdate_ContactSupport" "Steam Wallet "
N/A774"StoreUpdate_ContactSupport" "Steam "
775775"[english]StoreUpdate_ContactSupport" "Please contact customer support to have your Steam wallet configured."
776776"StoreUpdate_OverlayRequired" " Steam "
777777"[english]StoreUpdate_OverlayRequired" "You must enable the Steam Community in-game and restart the game to use the Store."
789789"[english]StoreCheckout_NotApproved" "The game coordinator was unable to approve your transaction with Steam. Please try the purchase again later."
790790"StoreCheckout_NotLoggedin" "Steam "
791791"[english]StoreCheckout_NotLoggedin" "You must be logged in to Steam in order to complete a purchase."
792N/A"StoreCheckout_WrongCurrency" " Steam Wallet "
N/A792"StoreCheckout_WrongCurrency" " Steam "
793793"[english]StoreCheckout_WrongCurrency" "This transaction's currency doesn't match your wallet currency."
794794"StoreCheckout_NoAccount" "Steam "
795795"[english]StoreCheckout_NoAccount" "Your Steam account is currently unavailable. Please try this purchase again later."
799799"[english]StoreCheckout_TimedOut" "This transaction has timed out. Please try the purchase again."
800800"StoreCheckout_SteamAccountDisabled" "Steam "
801801"[english]StoreCheckout_SteamAccountDisabled" "Your Steam account is disabled and cannot make a purchase."
802N/A"StoreCheckout_SteamAccountNoPurchase" " Steam Steam Wallet "
N/A802"StoreCheckout_SteamAccountNoPurchase" " Steam Steam "
803803"[english]StoreCheckout_SteamAccountNoPurchase" "Steam wallet transactions have been disabled on this account."
804804"StoreCheckout_OldPriceSheet" ""
805805"[english]StoreCheckout_OldPriceSheet" "Your local product list is out of date. Requesting a new one."