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745745"[english]cheaptitles_core01.space02" "Core 1: Space? SPACE!"
746746"cheaptitles_core01.space21" "Core 1: RUUUUUUMMET!"
747747"[english]cheaptitles_core01.space21" "Core 1: SPAAACCCCCE!"
748N/A"cheaptitles_core01.babbleb18" "Core 1: Så meget plads. Nød til at se det hele."
N/A748"cheaptitles_core01.babbleb18" "Kerne 1: Så meget rum. Nødt til at se det hele."
749749"[english]cheaptitles_core01.babbleb18" "Core 1: So much space. Need to see it all."
750750"cheaptitles_core01.babbleb24" "Core 1: (begejstrede gisp)"
751751"[english]cheaptitles_core01.babbleb24" "Core 1: (excited gasps)"