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34773477"[english]sphere03.bw_screen_smash30" "<clr:29,172,214>Wheatley: It's not like I've got hordes of replacement monitors just lying around back here in the old warehouse that I can just wheel out an bolt back on. I didn't order in loads of spare monitors thinking some crazy woman was going to go around smashing them all. Sorry if that's my fault. Sorry if I didn't have the forethought to think oh she might go crazy one day instead of just getting on with things. Sorry I didn't think of that."
34783478"sphere03.bw_screen_smash32" "<clr:29,172,214>Wheatley: Estes monitores não são teus, para os partires. Puro vandalismo. Não farias isto se fosse a tua casa. Se eu fosse a tua casa e partisse o teu televisor, aposto que ficarias furiosa. E com razão. Inacreditável."
34793479"[english]sphere03.bw_screen_smash32" "<clr:29,172,214>Wheatley: They're not even your screens to break. It's vandalism. It's pure vandalism. You wouldn't do this if this was your house, would you? If I came around to your house smashin' your telly to bits, you'd be furious. And rightly so. Unbelievable."
3480N/A"sphere03.bw_sp_a2_core_actually01" "<clr:29,172,214>Wheatley: Como sou grande! [gargalhadas]"
N/A3480"sphere03.bw_sp_a2_core_actually01" "<clr:29,172,214>Wheatley: Como sou grande! [gargalhada a tornar-se em gargalhada maléfica]"
34813481"[english]sphere03.bw_sp_a2_core_actually01" "<clr:29,172,214>Wheatley: But I'm huge! [laugh turning to maniacal laugh]"
34823482"sphere03.bw_sp_a2_core_actually05" "<clr:29,172,214>Wheatley: Mas por que é que temos de ir já embora?"
34833483"[english]sphere03.bw_sp_a2_core_actually05" "<clr:29,172,214>Wheatley: [laugh trailing off] Actually, why do we have to leave right now?"