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34543454"[english]PORTAL2_VideoOptions_CPUDetail_Info" "Effect Detail controls the complexity of certain visual effects in the game as well as the draw-distance. Decreasing the effect detail may improve performance but will also increase model pop-in artifacts."
34553455"PORTAL2_VideoOptions_ModelDetail_Info" "模型 / 材質細節的設定將控制材質解析度和遊戲中模型的幾何複雜性。降低此設定可提高低配備系統的性能,但會降低圖像品質。"
34563456"[english]PORTAL2_VideoOptions_ModelDetail_Info" "The Model / Texture Detail setting controls the resolution of textures and geometric complexity of models in the game. Decreasing this setting may improve performance on low-end systems, but will degrade image quality."
N/A3457"SessionError_ConnectionFailedAfter" "連線至遊戲伺服器失敗。"
N/A3458"[english]SessionError_ConnectionFailedAfter" "Connection to game server failed."
N/A3459"SessionError_ServerShuttingDown" "遊戲伺服器已經關閉。"
N/A3460"[english]SessionError_ServerShuttingDown" "Game server has been shut down."