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612612"P2_Wearable_FlagDejobaan" "1 2 3 KICK IT FLAG"
613613"P2_Wearable_FlagHiddenpath" "DEFENSE GRID FLAG"
614614"P2_Wearable_FlagKillingFloor" "KILLING FLOOR FLAG"
N/A615"P2_Wearable_Flagaaa" "AaaaaAA!!! FLAG"
N/A616"P2_Wearable_FlagTheball" "THE BALL FLAG"
N/A617"P2_Wearable_FlagRush" "RUSH FLAG"
N/A618"P2_Wearable_FlagSuperMeatBoy" "SUPER MEAT BOY FLAG"
N/A619"P2_Wearable_FlagTokiTori" "TOKI TORI FLAG"
N/A620"P2_Wearable_FlagTheWonderful" "THE WONDERFUL END OF THE WORLD FLAG"
616622// Bundles
617623"P2_Bundle_FirstStoreReleaseBundle" "COMPLETE PACK"
618624"P2_Bundle_FirstStoreReleaseBundle_Desc" "Includes all the following items:"
N/A625"P2_Bundle_CompletePack2" "COMPLETE PACK (PART 2)"
N/A626"P2_Bundle_CompletePack2_Desc" "Includes all the following items:\n"
N/A627"P2_Bundle_ARGFlagsCatchup" "ARG FLAGS CATCHUP PACK"
N/A628"P2_Bundle_ARGFlagsCatchup_Desc" "Includes the ARG flags that were not in the initial COMPLETE PACK:\n"
620630// TF2 Items
621631"P2_Wearable_HardHat" "APERTURE LABS HARD HAT"