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999999"[english]PORTAL2_ButtonAction_EraseMPProgress" "Erase Co-op Progress"
10001000"PORTAL2_ButtonAction_Load" "Cargar"
10011001"[english]PORTAL2_ButtonAction_Load" "Load"
1002N/A"PORTAL2_ButtonAction_Discard" "Cancelar"
N/A1002"PORTAL2_ButtonAction_Discard" "Descartar"
10031003"[english]PORTAL2_ButtonAction_Discard" "Discard"
10041004"PORTAL2_ButtonAction_Play" "Jugar"
10051005"[english]PORTAL2_ButtonAction_Play" "Play"
34533453"[english]PORTAL2_VideoOptions_CPUDetail_Info" "Effect Detail controls the complexity of certain visual effects in the game as well as the draw-distance. Decreasing the effect detail may improve performance but will also increase model pop-in artifacts."
34543454"PORTAL2_VideoOptions_ModelDetail_Info" "El ajuste de Detalle de Modelos y Texturas controla la resolución de las texturas y la complejidad geométrica de los modelos del juego. Si lo disminuyes puedes mejorar el rendimiento en los equipos menos potentes, pero se reducirá la calidad gráfica."
34553455"[english]PORTAL2_VideoOptions_ModelDetail_Info" "The Model / Texture Detail setting controls the resolution of textures and geometric complexity of models in the game. Decreasing this setting may improve performance on low-end systems, but will degrade image quality."
N/A3456"SessionError_ConnectionFailedAfter" "Error al conectar con el servidor de juego."
N/A3457"[english]SessionError_ConnectionFailedAfter" "Connection to game server failed."
N/A3458"SessionError_ServerShuttingDown" "El servidor se ha desconectado."
N/A3459"[english]SessionError_ServerShuttingDown" "Game server has been shut down."