Growth: Infinite Stories

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Growth: Infinite Stories
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Basic Information

Growth Team


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First-person puzzle/platformer


Portal 2

Growth: Infinite Stories is a large-scale, community-driven Portal 2 modification centered around the Multiverse, featuring many, many different characters and stories.


The protagonist, Lily, is awoken by C.A.S.S.I.E (Core And Subject Special Initiative Engineer), and is told that her goal is to explore as many different universes as possible. Each universe is a chapter within the mod, and each chapter tells a different story within that universe. Each universe is unique and different from each other, and each universe has unique characters.


This list is incomplete, and will be updated as the mod is developed.

Main article: Mechanics

Multi-Quantum Tunneling Apparatus

The main aspect for the game, this machine allows the player to travel throughout the Multiverse. Once a chapter is complete, the corresponding universe is closed off to the player.

Gravity Manipulation Fields

This technology will appear in at least one chapter. Whenever the player steps into these fields, gravity is altered, usually to low gravity. These fields can be activated and deactivated by any form of activation elements (i.e., buttons).

Heating and Cooling Systems Management

Appearing in one universe, this system lets the player change the temperature of the test chamber to hot, cold, and normal. Each temperature affects the room in some shape or fashion, each making it easier and harder to solve the test. Changing the temperature to hot makes cubes and turrets very hot, not allowing you to touch them, although you can still hold them. Holding a hot cube or turret against a turret will cause the turret to ignite and explode. Changing the temperature to cold makes objects harder to grab, requiring the player to be closer, and limits jumping height. In this state, turrets can no longer shoot or move around. Normal temperature does not affect test environment.

Sorting System

Stemming from BeeMOD's colorable cubes, the Aperture Science Sorting System is a testing system in which the player can only put certain cubes in certain receptacles, only certain cubes can pass through certain fizzlers, and more cubes and boxes for further sorting.

Color-Painting Device

The Paintball Gun is used to paint surfaces different colors. Depending on what color is on what surface, the environment can change. The paint does not directly affect the player like the gels do.

Dual Portal and Gravity Device

In another universe, Black Mesa never existed, and southern billionaire Cave Johnson never died. Instead, Aperture Science actually created the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator. Combining it with the Portal Gun, and introducing activation fields similar to TAG, you have a device similar to that of Blaperture Science from the Workshop series Into The Multiverse.



Lily is the new main player character. There's no backstory discovery or other lore for her, she's just the one running from universe to universe.


Core And Subject Special Initiative Engineer. A white core with most of her shell removed and insides exposed, with a teal eye that radially fades to black. She helps guide the player through the basics of how to use the Aperture Science Multiverse Tunneling Apparatus.


An off-white core with fake wings attached to her sides and a yellow-orange eye similar to that of Wheatley. Angelica guides the player through the Gravity Manipulation Fields Testing Initiative in one of the universes.

Southern Cave Johnson

Based on one of the early Portal 2 concepts, where Cave Johnson was a billionaire and the antagonist for the game. He acts as the Central Core for his universe, and not a sadistic, homicidal AI like GLaDOS


Aperture Science Prototype And Management. A red core that is slightly orange and has a 50s eye design.


  • The process for contributing to this mod is called the Aperture Science Original Character (OC) Modding Initiative. Many characters and universes that appear in this mod are derived from the modding community, and belong to their respective owners.