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The Escape is the last part in Portal. This part is filled with exploration and puzzling because you'll be trying to go to the GLaDOS' chamber. The Escape sequence is split into two parts.


  • Rocket turret escaping & introduction: In one part of the Escape, after opening a door, you will encounter a Rocket Turret. After pushing a Pedestal Button that is near a glass panel, you will activate the turret and it will shoot into you. By manipulation the turret to help you instead to kill you, you have successfully introduced yourself and learned how to use it which will be helpful in the last chamber, the GLaDOS' chamber.
  • Small Timer Turret Room: After falling to a trap by walking over retracting pistons, you will fall into a small room with three doors and some equipment - mostly barrels. Doors will open one after another accompanied with a beep sound and behind every door you will find Turrets. By knocking them down with the equipment found in the room, you will kill the Turrets and portal out of the room by finding a small gap in the ceiling and using the portal gun.
  • Big Turret Room: After navigating trough some muddy vents, you'll poratl trough one of them and be located in the big turret room. A lot of doors will open and the song You Can Not Escape, You Know will start playing accompanied with the same beep that was in the small turret room. By quickly portaling to each room and killing each turret, you will use angled portalable panels to fling into a small piston room which will be guarded by two Turrets. After using momentum and portal, you will walk over a big catwalk which connects two rooms across the big turret room. This part can be skipped by flinging from the entrance to the piston room and crouch-landing onto the catwalk, which saves some time in speedrunning.