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Basic Information

Team Conversion


Source Engine






First-person puzzle/platformer


Portal 2

Conversion was a Portal 2 modification in development by Team Conversion. The game was a Portal 2 prequel and was going to feature a new non-linear storyline showing how Aperture Science turned into what we see in Portal 2. The mod was going to feature 6 chapters and would introduce new testing elements. Conversion was cancelled in 2015 due to issues with project management and a lack of drive for the Team to continue developing the mod, Conversion was eventually dumped online on the 30th of May, 2020.[1]


In this mod, the player was to play as CJ. The most important difference from Portal 2 was the non-linear plot, and meeting new characters, such as August, the Administration Core, and Ben, the Security Core. Characters such as Wheatley and GLaDOS were also to return. The test chambers also introduced new testing elements.

Testing elements

  • High Energy Pellet
  • Pneumatic Diversity Vent
  • Reflection Gel
  • Heavy Duty Thermal Reflection Panel
  • High Energy Ring
  • Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button Reverse Gravity Field (HDSCSBRGF)
  • High Energy Thermal Discouragement Beam Battery


The mod was announced sometime in 2014. It was to have a length of 7-8 chapters, incorporating content and ideas from a canceled Portal 2 mod called Afterward, with a demo release March 28, 2014. It had a Steam storepage that could, by time of cancellation, account for "50,000" Steam users adding the mod to their Wishlists. The mod was canceled sometime in 2017, with another mod titled "prePostscript", being created by the leader of the the Conversion mod team in July of 2017. It had the same premise as Conversion but was going to be significantly shorter (reduced down to 3-4 chapters). prePostscript is reported to have been released on December 1, 2018; there is no download available for this title, however.

Conversion would eventually release via a content dump by the former developers, and a final iteration of the project known as “Mind Escape” would be released on ModDB, this iteration of Conversion was the most complete and was ready for release. However, the mod lacked polish and due to being an amalgamation of many previous attempts, Mind Escape was cancelled in 2016 before it saw the light of day. Mind Escape would eventually release alongside the Conversion Content Dump.





Chapter 1

Mr. Nyl woke from relaxation and is being watched by GLaDOS to be tested nineteen test chambers - but - he knew Aperture Science wasn't safe. Five test chambers later, he got up to the sixth test chamber out of the nineteen and the Test Chamber Sign was broken! When he got up to the eighth test chamber out of nineteen, the was a 'Test Chamber Sign' malfunction. The right-hand-side number was made out of 'cake chamber info sign', and at the bottom of it, there was cake - off and on. So he continued testing.

Chapter 2

When Mr. Nyl got up to the twelfth test chamber out of nineteen, the High Energy Pellet Launcher came down to the test chamber floor. [WORK IN PROGRESS]

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