Aperture: The Other Wing

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Aperture: The Other Wing
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Basic Information

EasyWays Team


Source Engine




Science fiction puzzle-platform game


Portal 2

Aperture: The Other Wing was a story modification for Portal 2 made by the EasyWays Team. The modification has been archived on ModDB and is considered canceled, due to lack of updates or releases.


When Vill wakes up in the Relaxation Vault, she hears the voice of the Announcer that tells her that she won the lottery of the relaxation vault. The Winner gets into the Aperture Science Testing Wing. It contains brand new test chambers with new testing elements you need to test. But later Compassion Core a.k.a. Taidy will meet you and it will tell you, that those tests are dangerous and you need to escape...


The mod's mechanics worked similarly to Portal and Portal 2. You have an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, and you pass dangerous test chambers. But also it contains new testing elements, such as Aperture Science Low-Gravity Pit and Aperture Science Anti-Gravity Pit.

New Testing Elements

  • Low-Gravity Pit
  • No-Gravity Pit
  • Anti-Gravity Pit
  • Electricity
  • Different Fizzlers
  • Reflection Gel
  • Water


Main Character

  • Vill


  • Taidy (a.k.a. Compassion Core)
  • GLaDOS


  • AI #2


Development of this mod started on July 8th 2016, and was archived on ModDB sometime in 2018.

About the dev team

EasyWays Team - a small team of 6 developers.

Andrew Kokhan - Modeller, artist, level designer, music composer, dev team lead.

Alexander Bartoshevich - level designer, programmer.

Artim Ostap - Level designer.

Anonime Gds - Writer, concept-artist

George Kasachev - music composer

Vlad Vilkov - level designer

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