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Basic Information
Type: Translator, editor
Gender: Male
Health: 123 when I am with my Companion Cube
Speed: 321 when in Propulsion Gel
Birth place: Moscow
Native language: Russian
Favourite co-op bot: P-Body
Favorite colour of portal: Orange
Favourite core: GLaDOS
Favorite test chamber: 17
Favorite item: Turret
Favorite hat: Tyrant's Helm
Contact information

Ladies and Gentelmen... I want to say something about myself... Well, if You will meet Me you won't forget this day.
SE_shimku on his arrival


Backpack BIONIC BEANIE.png
Level 1998
This cube can speak and I don't ignore his advices


To translate:

My awesome works

Turrets/ru (translation)
Oracle Turret/ru (translation)
Turret Opera/ru (translation)
Portal 2/ru (translation)
Help:Userboxes/ru (translation)
Atlas/ru (translation)
P-body/ru (translation)
Bot Trust/ru (translation)
Roll Cage/ru (translation)
Chell/ru (translation)
Gels/ru (edition/translation)

My awesome, but not so big works

Tyrant's Helm/ru (facts)
Tyrant's Helm (facts)

My userboxes

Flag Russia.png This user is Russian.

ru Для этого участника русский язык является родным.

Portal 2 logo.png This user owns Portal 2.

Portal logo.png This user enjoys Portal.

Portal logo.png This user owns Portal.

Portal logo.png This user is a Portal Unnoficial Wiki translator!

P-body.png This user prefers P-body.

Portal 2 logo.png This user was online at Portal 2's release.