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Basic Information
Type: Translator, editor
Gender: Male
Health: 123 when I am with my Companion Cube
Speed: 321 when in Propulsion Gel
Birth place: Moscow
Native language: Russian
Favourite co-op bot: P-Body
Favorite colour of portal: Orange
Favourite core: GLaDOS
Favorite test chamber: 17
Favorite item: Turret
Favorite hat: Tyrant's Helm
Contact information

Ladies and Gentelmen... I want to say something about myself... Well, if You will meet Me you won't forget this day.
SE_shimku on his arrival


Backpack BIONIC BEANIE.png
Level 1998
This cube can speak and I don't ignore his advices


To translate:

My awesome works

Turrets/ru (translation)
Oracle Turret/ru (translation)
Turret Opera/ru (translation)
Portal 2/ru (translation)
Help:Userboxes/ru (translation)
Atlas/ru (translation)
P-body/ru (translation)
Bot Trust/ru (translation)
Roll Cage/ru (translation)
Chell/ru (translation)
Gels/ru (edition/translation)

My awesome, but not so big works

Tyrant's Helm/ru (facts)
Tyrant's Helm (facts)

My userboxes

  This user is Russian.

ru Для этого участника русский язык является родным.

  This user owns Portal 2.

  This user enjoys Portal.

  This user owns Portal.

  This user is a Portal Unnoficial Wiki translator!

  This user prefers P-body.

  This user was online at Portal 2's release.