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Postmodernism is like a tiny raft floating in an endless, raging ocean, filled with uncertainty and the unknown. But that's exactly what makes it so great.


I am Bioran23, and this is my profile here on the Portal Unofficial Wiki. I am an experienced user of the MediaWiki software, both extrinsically and intrinsically, and I am also an avid technology enthusiast, science student and enthusiast, philosophy student and redditor. I also run my own startup organization, named Plast! Productions, which offers web design and hosting services and pursues various projects and products, which you can find out more about here.

About Me

I'm known on this wiki and a host of other websites as Bioran23, and may be referred to with a host of nicknames listed on the sidebar. In meatspace, I am currently preparing for university applications, where I plan to major in areas of science, I.T. and/or philosophy.

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