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Documentation for Item infobox

This template is used to display information about an item.


Parameter Example Description
name Spud Hat A name that will be displayed at the top of the infobox, usually this isn't necessary and will use the page title by default.
image Spudburger.png A new image to use under the item's name at the top. Use this only if necessary and stick to the set convention as much as possible.
slot Head The slot that the item is equipped in.
used-by Atlas, P-body A list of bots that can equip the item.
shared from tf2 The game that the item is shared from. Possible values: "tf2".
level Level 100 Testing Apparatus The level of the item (used in backpack example)
team-colors yes If set to yes the infobox will link to two versions of a given team colored hat image under the item image, if set to two-items the item image will be removed and the team colored images replace it, stacked vertically.
quality genuine Recolor the item name text to represent a different quality (unique by default)