Tag: The Power of Paint

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Tag: The Power of Paint
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Basic Information
  • Engine:
    • Brett English
    • Tejeev Kohli
    • Pongthep “Bank” Charnchaichujit
    • Ted Rivera
  • Art:
    • Josh Jones
    • Tyler Woods
    • Tatsuang “Tan” Tantakosol
  • Soundtrack
    • Tyler Woods



Microsoft Windows

  • International: 2008
  • Steam: April 18, 2022



First-person puzzle/platformer

Tag: The Power of Paint is a freeware first-person puzzle game developed by Tag Team, a group of students from the DigiPen Institute of Technology. The game features a paint-gun which allows the player to alter the properties of surfaces around them, similar to how the Gels work in Portal 2. The project team has since been hired into Valve corporation to work on Portal 2.

The bounce and speed gels were added into Portal 2 with modified colors. The other gel, "stick", or Adhesion, was removed because Valve found that it gave playtesters motion sickness. It was replaced with Conversion Gel.

Files for a paint gun similar to the one in TAG: The Power of Paint was found.[citation needed]