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This page documents accepted policies and guidelines in use on the Portal Wiki.


Unreleased content

  • Generally, images or articles relating to unreleased weapons, items or other game content are not permitted until they are officially released.
  • The main purpose of this is to reduce unverified speculation or other ridiculous conjecture appearing as 'fact' on article pages.
  • You are, however, free to start creating the article in your user space and have it moved back into the article space upon official release.

Images and media

For image licensing policy, see Portal Wiki:Licensing images.
For guidelines on image quality, see Portal Wiki:Images.
For placing images in articles, see Help:Images.

Languages and localization

See Help:Language translation for help and specific guidelines related to article translation.

The content on Portal Wiki is multilingual, and every effort should be made to ensure that readers of other languages can access the same content in their own native language.

  • Articles should have multiple language translations. Content related to the organisation of the project (i.e. pages in the Portal Wiki and Help namespaces) should normally not be translated.
  • Most templates (excluding some navigational boxes) should use translation switching. This allows localized text and template code to be kept in one single template.


See the following links for guidelines on editing.


User content

  • Images
    Some images are permitted to be uploaded for personal use on user pages. However, users who abuse the right to upload decorative images may have them removed.
    User images should follow these rules:
    • They should have the user's name in the file name (e.g. File:User MyName Steam avatar.png)
    • They should be placed in the category User images (place the code [[Category:User images]] into the upload box)
    • User images should not be used in articles.
  • Signatures
    Custom signatures are allowed. However, we would prefer that more attention is paid to improving articles rather than your own signature. As with user images, misuse of signatures may result in you losing the right to have them.
  • Pages
    User pages should not be placed in any article category.

Elevated privileges

See Help:Group rights.


See the above section on unreleased content.


See also: Wikipedia:Protection policy

Generally most pages are not protected to encourage new edits and additions to content. However, some pages and articles are deliberately locked against editing, mostly for the following reasons:

  • If an edit war breaks out and involved parties refuse to stop;
  • If the page is high-risk: this can include templates that are transcluded heavily, or images that are externally linked.
    The main exception to this is if the template uses {{lang}} to switch translations it should not be protected in order to encourage localized strings to be added.
  • In some cases pages may be protected for other reasons, in particular, if the page is receiving a high amount of regular traffic (e.g. the Main Page).


  • Users are only blocked from editing if they prove to be consistently disruptive to the wiki.