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This page is used to record the progress of all captioned chapters. Use the tool available here to create the caption data for the walkthrough videos, and post it here with a download link, if there is an issue with the timing, you will be notified and asked to please re-do it.

To do

This is a list documenting the chapters that still require captioning.

Portal 2: Single Player

Chapter 5   In progress

  • Five videos.

Chapter 6   Not done

  • Spheres 1-3 + 3 additional.

Chapter 7   Not done

  • Spheres 4-6 + 2 additional.

Chapter 8   Not done

  • Chambers 1-16 + 1 additional.

Chapter 9   Not done

  • Four videos.


[Portal 2 - Single Player] Chapter 1: The Courtesy Call

[Portal 2 - Single Player] Chapter 2: The Cold Boot

[Portal 2 - Single Player] Chapter 3: The Return

[Portal 2 - Single Player] Chapter 4: The Surprise

[Portal 2 - Single Player] Chapter 5: The Escape

This chapter is currently being worked on by MogDog66, so to avoid problems with already existing work being re-done by another user, please do not caption any of the videos in this chapter.