Co-op Course 3 Chamber 4

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Co-op Course 3 Chamber 4
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This is the nineteenth level in Co-op mode of Portal 2 and the fourth chamber in the course. The chamber requires the players to use the Hard Light Bridges and Flinging technique in order to advance in the course.

In the first room the players will have to figure out a way around Hard Light Bridge and use it to their advantage to enter the second room of the chamber. In the second part of the chamber the players will have to make their way down and then use the Light Bridge to position themselves above a platform in order to fling themselves to the disassembly area.




Chamber 04, Aperture Science Enrichment Center, Decayed Facility



# Atlas P-body
1Place a portal to the panels where the Hard Light Bridge ends.
2Use the Aerial Faith Plate simultaneously.
3Shoot the other portal on the lower part of the same wall before you go past it. You should now be standing on the Light Bridge.
4Go through the portal.
5Look slightly upwards and place the same portal to the panels facing you.
6Enter through the portal and walk down the bridge. Head to the checkpoint and then to the next room. Drop down to the Light Bridge.
7Fire a portal to the end of the Light Bridge and the other through the same Light Bridge to the same wall below it. Go through the portal and drop down to the area below.
8Go through the portal and drop down to the area below.
9Stand over the ledge and look to the right. Put the portal you placed last on the wall and jump down on it.
10Walk over to the ledge and look where the Light Bridge ends. Shoot your portal on that spot and walk towards your portal. Look to the right and place your other portal on the panels below the exit sign. Go through the portal.
11Go through the portal your partner just placed and look to the left. Place the same portal you have used so far to the other end of the corridor. Walk along the bridge until you are next to an arrow pointing downwards.
12Fire a portal on the panels facing the exit and walk along the bridge until you are next to an arrow pointing downwards. Place your other portal on the panels below yourself.
13Jump and shoot one of your portals to any of the walls near the exit.
14Wait for landing and proceed to the disassembly area.



Partial skip



Bridge Building
Complete all test chambers in the Hard-Light Surfaces co-op course