Test Chamber 06

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Test Chamber 06
level_02.bsp Low Expectations

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This Test Chamber is the seventh level of the game, and introduces the player to timed puzzles with irreversible consequences if he fails, as well as the Crusher hazard.



  • Stay in front of the door and place a portal on the wall under the Vital Apparatus Vent, then prepare yourself before passing through the door because you will have to solve the puzzle quickly.
  • When you are ready, pass through the door and shoot a portal on the wall just above the Goo and next to the additional ledge.
  • Place yourself facing the lower portal. Move forward then jump over the goo to go through the portal.
  • Take the Weighted Storage Cube then jump from the additional ledge to go to the button.
  • Place the Cube on the Button and pass through the lower portal again.
  • Proceed to the Chamberlock.

Video walkthrough