March 1, 2021 Patch

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Patch notes

Portal 2


  • Improved Vulkan implementation
    • Overall performance improvements
    • Massively improved performance with Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) on AMD
  • Made the intro video skippable by any button on a Steam Controller
  • Added controller glpyhs to the main menu when using a controller

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Super 8 teaser not playing on Linux
  • Fixed certain Unicode characters being displayed as garbage on Linux
  • Fixed text corruption in the challenge mode UI on Linux
  • Fixed a crash that could occur wrt. networking on Linux
  • Fixed the text color in advanced video settings not respecting the dark panel UI variant
  • Fixed Model/Texture detail defaulting to Low in Vulkan mode
  • Fixed the challenge mode timer being cut off
  • Fixed a crash after trying to play a demo without having the respective map
  • Fixed a crash when trying to load invalid VPKs