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Did you just stuff that Aperture Science Thing-We-Don't-Know-What-It-Does into an Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator?

The Portal series is heavily story-based, as such any information regarding the story may be damaging to the experience of new players or players of whom have not completed the game. To reduce the exposure of spoilers to players, there are guidelines and practices we have in regards to spoilers.

Hiding a spoiler

This wiki uses a Spoiler template to hide images and text, spoiler information will appear blacked out. In order to enable or disable spoilers, click the Spoilers tab located at the top of an article.

Spoiler template

The Spoiler template designates a block of text as a spoiler, any spoilers marked using this template will be hidden from view if a user turns spoilers off.

{{Spoiler|First parameter}}

How to hide spoilers

Put the text to be marked as a spoiler in the first parameter of the template.

Spoiler text example:
{{Spoiler|Hidden text}}, visible text.
Hidden text, visible text.

Spoiler image example:
[[File:Wiki logo.png|left|thumb|{{Spoiler|Hidden caption text}}]]
Hidden caption text

Note: This image has a caption wrapped by the template, therefore censoring both image and caption if spoilers are set to off.

When to use the template

This template should be used for every piece of information that contains spoilers. To hide an image, simply define it within the first parameter or have its caption contain this template.

Around the wiki community

Discussion pages

Discussion pages (including user-talk pages) should have an equal amount of care taken with regards to adding spoilers.