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This page is intended to archive the best moments from the Portal Wiki IRC channel.

Wind shows off his prediction skillz

<WindPower> inb4 Tturbo
<Spacenet> [Tturbo] nope
<Spacenet> [Tturbo] :P
* Tturbo has joined #pwiki
<WindPower> igotowned

Moussekateer slips out of context

<Moussekateer> Wind: Can you halp me with dis regex
<WindPower> pootis
<BiBi3> Mousse....Did I sleep with you last night?
<Moussekateer> I know I've made a lot of noob mistakes
<Moussekateer> Waitwat
<Benjamoose> It's likely

GenCoolio speaks his usual mind

<GenCoolio> what
<GenCoolio> oh
<GenCoolio> I get it
<GenCoolio> [=1=]ShadowRock: Never do anything involving bodily functions immediately after playing portal
<GenCoolio> [=1=]ShadowRock: at least if you're me
<GenCoolio> [=1=]ShadowRock: my brain went nuts
<GenCoolio> [=1=]ShadowRock: "What if I peed propulsion gel"
<GenCoolio> Peeing would be done sooooo much quicker
<GenCoolio> not that it takes long to begin with
<GenCoolio> probably get friction burns
<GenCoolio> Now I can be weird at you
<GenCoolio> whoops wrong char
<GenCoolio> chat

Moussekateer's love for SSDs cannot be topped by MogDog66

[03/05/12 01:03:34] <Esky> I "heart" my 150GB Raptor.
[03/05/12 01:03:41] <Moussekateer> Yes, these accidents happen you know. Spinning away at 7500rpm proudly one minute, in a thousand pieces the next
[03/05/12 01:03:44] <MogDog66> I just found a book under my desk that I borrowed from someone a year and a half ago
[03/05/12 01:03:51] <Esky> When it dies, it will be SSD, or hybrid HDD, time.
[03/05/12 01:04:07] <Esky> Moussekateer: 10,000 RPM for some of us. *Looks smug*
[03/05/12 01:04:10] <MogDog66> I wonder if it's even worth giving back at this point
[03/05/12 01:04:16] <Esky> Yes.
[03/05/12 01:04:28] <Moussekateer> Esky: 0rpm for some of us
[03/05/12 01:04:32] <Esky> Book thieves are evil, evil people and must be rooted out and destroyed.
[03/05/12 01:04:39] <Moussekateer> Solid state swag
[03/05/12 01:04:50] <MogDog66> Well techincally it was an aaccident
[03/05/12 01:05:00] <Esky> I saw that coming and have prepared a pun accordingly, Mousse. *Ahem*
[03/05/12 01:05:17] <Esky> Moussekateer: Could you do me a solid (state) and send me a decent SSD?
[03/05/12 01:05:24] <Esky> *Bad-dum-tish*
[03/05/12 01:05:53] <Moussekateer> The only time my SSD has rotated is when we hugged and span around in the fields during a sunny beautiful first meeting
[03/05/12 01:06:04] <Moussekateer> Get out
[03/05/12 01:06:12] <-- Esky has left this channel ("Bah, humbug!").
[03/05/12 01:06:35] <MogDog66> Moussekateer: Could you do me a solid and drive me to the store to hear the employee's state-ments regarding SSD's?
[03/05/12 01:06:46] <MogDog66> I think I win, and there's no Esky to contest
[03/05/12 01:06:49] <Moussekateer> .....
[03/05/12 01:06:57] * MogDog66 wins and throws a party
[03/05/12 01:06:57] --> Esky has joined this channel (~Esky@unaffiliated/esky).
[03/05/12 01:07:00] <Esky> ....
[03/05/12 01:07:06] <WindPower> Sorry, I still preferred the image of Mousse spinning an SDD in fields
[03/05/12 01:07:08] <MogDog66> Hey this is MY party!
[03/05/12 01:07:13] <Moussekateer> I hope you've learned your lesson
[03/05/12 01:07:14] <WindPower> Also, I see Esky came back just to witness this
[03/05/12 01:07:18] <Pilk> Moussekateer: was this right before your fields hit an iceberg?
[03/05/12 01:08:04] <Moussekateer> Iceberg?.....or Goldberg?
[03/05/12 01:08:24] <Esky> I can imagine Mousse dancing around in a field ala Sound of Music with his SSD.
[03/05/12 01:08:36] <Moussekateer> (assumes people saw the dictators appearance on Australian morning tv)
[03/05/12 01:09:05] <Esky> Goldberg? Hmph, you Rube.
[03/05/12 01:09:53] <MogDog66> Those are always fun to watch
[03/05/12 01:09:59] <MogDog66> Too much effort to make though
[03/05/12 01:10:03] <Moussekateer> It's a beautiful sight isn't it esky. Just me, nature and scientifically engineered circuit boards built by underpaid Chinese hands
[03/05/12 01:10:25] <Esky> *underpaid Chinese *children's* hands no doubt 
[03/05/12 01:10:38] <Esky> They be tiny little screws...

Esky wins again

[01/07/12 19:34:43] <Esky> Where is this Steam Summer Sale, Wind? You promised meeeee!
[01/07/12 19:36:29] <WindPower> You must be confusing me with Gabe Newell. It's alright, I get that a lot anyway because I'm neck-and-neck with him on the wealthiest men in the world list
[01/07/12 19:45:24] <Esky> WindPower wins wildly waxing wealth? When? Why waste whopping wages with worthless wisecracks?  Whadda waste.
[01/07/12 19:45:41] <WindPower> Holy shit