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Atlas and P-body wearing their hats.
"Go away," the Portal guys told us. "You'll just try to put hats in it."

"Whaaattttt?" we said. "That's—psshhhh. If anything, we'll probably tell you to take some hats out of the game."

"There are no hats in the game."

TF2 Official Blog

Hats, or Headwear, are items that can be equipped in the 'head' slot of the loadout screen. They are purely cosmetic, wearing a hat does not give you an advantage. As of 2017, the cross-promotional items from Team Fortress 2 are no longer obtainable.[1]


Backpack AUTOMATON'S TOPHAT.png Backpack BIONIC BEANIE.png Backpack BOT'S BERET.png Unknownweapon.png
Automaton's Tophat Bionic Beanie Bot's Beret Roll Cage
Team Fortress 2 hats
Backpack FANCY FEDORA.png Backpack TYRANT'S HELM.png Backpack APERTURE LABS HARD HAT.png Backpack MASTER'S YELLOW BELT.png Backpack PYRO'S BEANIE.png Backpack PRINCE TAVISH'S CROWN.png Backpack MANN CO. CAP.png
Fancy Fedora Tyrant's Helm Aperture Labs Hard Hat Master's Yellow Belt Pyro's Beanie Prince Tavish's Crown Mann Co. Cap


  • Team Fortress 2 hats will retain their quality in Portal 2, having colored text. (e.g. Vintage coloured text will pass over if the hat in TF2 is Vintage quality.)