Chapter 1 - Test Chamber 03

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Chapter 1 - Test Chamber 03

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This is the fourth level of the game.


This test chamber introduces the concept of removing cubes from buttons, which will become practically essential during the chambers up ahead. It also reintroduces two testing elements from the Intro - the Excursion Funnel and the Thermal Discouragement Beam.





  • Exit the makeshift Chamberlock.
  • Wait until Nigel finishes showing off the monitors and opens the door. Exit the room you're in.
  • Drop down to the wooden panel in front of you.
  • Bounce up to the ledge in front of you with the Repulsion Gel.
  • Drop down to the cube, and bounce back to the start of the chamber with the cube.
  • Place the cube on the ground.
  • Spray the wooden panel to your right with Repulsion Gel. Use it to bounce up to the ledge behind it.
  • Spray the panel you land on, as well as the wall behind it, with the gel.
  • Bounce back to the cube.
  • Holding the cube, repeat the second half of step 7.
  • You should bounce to another button. Place the cube on that button.
  • Jump into the Excursion Funnel with the Repulsion Gel.
  • Exit the funnel near the exit door. Spray the cube with Repulsion Gel, getting rid of it.
  • Wait until the Vacuum Delivery System delivers the cube to where it was at the start of the chamber.
  • Proceed to the exit Chamberlock.